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Dinner Bento Box

Dinner Bento Box comes with Miso Soup and a Green…


Sashimi Deluxe

(20pcs Sashimi w/ Rice)


Sashimi Special

(30pcs Sashimi w/ Rice)


Sushi & Sashimi Regular

(5pcs Sushi, 10pcs Sashimi & California Roll)


Sushi & Sashimi Special

(12pcs Sushi, 24pcs Sashimi & Spicy Tuna Roll, Dragon Roll)


Sushi Regular

(6pcs Sushi & California roll)


Sushi Deluxe

(10pcs Sushi & Tuna roll)


Sushi Special

(15pcs Sushi & California roll, Spicy Tuna Roll)


Sashimi Regular

(12pcs Sashimi w/ Rice)